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The metamorphosis of PACE, from a company which primarily dealt with Instrumentation contracts to a vibrant, multifaceted giant in Visakhapatnam, had its origin fourteen years ago. The rise from "Power and Control Engineers " to Pace Process Controls Pvt. Ltd. has been meteoric .

Much water has flown from the times when aquaculture was assiduously cultivated first by the Chinese followed through the centuries by the Egyptians, the Romans, and the rest of the world. Today the intensive culture of fish and shrimp is a billion dollar industry, contributing substantially to a country’s economic growth. As the requirement grew stronger, it became more and more apparent that India, with its low cost of living, ideal brackish water conditions and technological manpower would become a haven for shrimp and shrimp seed cultivation. The time was ripe for a company with vision to take a lead innovation and the ability to recognize and exploit the potential in the thriving port city of Visakhapatnam enabled them to branch out into new pastures. An entity called PACE SEAFOODS.

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