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Veunex - Intelligent HSE System

Upgrade your existing CCTV system to incorporate AI and computer vision to get additional insights and improve the HSE at your site and reduce risk. Automate risk identification and reporting with the Veunex AI platform. The system takes your existing CCTV feed as input.

Introducing Artificial Intelligence in Construction

More than 357,000 people die of work-related accidents and workplace injuries every year. In the oil and gas industry, 70 percent of the incidents are due to human error.
Veunex* is a product that uses artificial intelligence in construction to prevent the occurrence of accidents and to achieve improvement in construction safety. This product detects unsafe and complex conditions by processing CCTV images and provides timely information to the exposed person to prevent adverse events.
Also, our system automatically generates the reports needed by HSE managers and authorities using Machine Vision technology to provide the safety team of construction sites with more helpful and accurate information on employee safety.

Note (*): Veunex is a product of Rhyton Solutions GmbH, Germany. 


PPE Protection

Veunex AI can help improve workplace safety by monitoring and enforcing compliance with PPE regulations. By detecting violations of wearing PPE, such as helmets, harnesses, masks, and goggles, the system can alert the appropriate personnel to take corrective actions, helping to reduce the risk of accidents and injuries. 

Evacuation Management

Safety evacuation alerts can be issued automatically by AI systems, and Veunex's AI-powered systems can detect potential hazards and unusual activity or threats and trigger evacuation alerts if necessary. Additionally, Veunex AI can assist in evacuation risk assessment by analyzing data on factors such as building location and layout, likely emergencies, and affected demographics, and developing evacuation models that simulate different scenarios. The AI can also analyze real-time data during an emergency to determine the safest and most efficient evacuation routes.

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